CHICAGO — Following a weekend in which nine people were killed and 26 were wounded in Chicago. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown discussed end-of-the-month crime statistics, provided updates on recent investigations, and detailed the department’s new effort to solve cold case crimes.

When referring to the cold cases, Brown reminded the community about the anonymous tip line, (883)-408-0069. People can receive rewards up to $15,000 for tips that lead to any charges and/or arrests in a case.

When it comes to the number of homicides during the month of April, Brown says there were 49 citywide. That’s a 9% decline from April of 2021, and the 58 in April 2020.

Brown said there are three challenges the department is currently facing:

  1. Visibility in the the neighborhoods, particularly in downtown. In response, the department has deployment strategies, and are putting together plans this week which will be put in place before the weekend. No specifics were given on the strategies. Brown did mention they are adding resources to areas like downtown where crime has been climbing.
  2. Visibility on the CTA. Brown says they are creating a collaborative team with the CTA security officers.
  3. Car jackings continue to be a problem in the city. Preteens are the majority of the offenders they’ve arrested in these cases and the department has found them to be repeat offenders. Aside from arresting and charging the teen offenders, Brown says they are providing services for them to have a chance at changing their behavior. They connect them with mentors.