CHICAGO — Fabiola and Jaime are a Mexican couple who have left everything behind to travel the world in their minivan.

They’re also selling coffee out of their vehicle to help pay for their dream on wheels.

The couple were business owners in Guadalajara, Mexico before they decided to take on this adventure.

“We always liked to travel,” Jaime told WGN News Now “Whenever we had a chance, every weekend we would visit a new town and camp on the beach. The pandemic made us take a closer look at what we liked and what we were passionate about.”

It was then the couple decided to buy their minivan and pursue their dream of traveling the world.

“Our goal is to travel to Ushuaia (the southernmost city of Argentina),” Fabiola told WGN News Now. “That is our endpoint goal.”

Overall, the couple says they’re taking on this adventure to meet new people, new places, and discovery everything Latin America has to offer.

As a way of generating income Fabiola and Jaime have a donation page to help with things like gas and food.

People can also follow along on their adventure on social media.

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