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CHICAGO — You suggested, you voted, you decided. Chicago is home to many taco-creators, but of those submitted by our readers, five stood out from the rest. Here are the city’s top five tacos — in no particular order.

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Raymond’s Tacos

Raymond’s Tacos started back in 1975 and has since expanded to three locations, each with menu items specific to the store. We spoke with owners of the 2406 S. Blue Island Ave. location, Elva Lopez and her son Armando Lopez, about their recipe for success.

They credit their meticulous selection of ingredients, and a single slice of American cheese which holds their double-tortilla tacos together while giving them added flavor.

Here’s what fans of Raymond’s Tacos emailed in:

This is one of the most authentic Taco’s places around! They cook everything right in front of
you. Try them out and you won’t be disappointed!!

Shawn S.

These tacos are different. The taste of the meat. The American cheese they put between the two tortillas. The salsa. All these flavors make you want to have more tacos!! I recommend.


Original and authentic steak tacos with melted American cheese topped with lettuce and tomato will have your mouth watering until the next bite.

Jim O.

La Pasadita

First opened in 1976, La Pasadita has called N. Ashland Ave. home for more than 45 years. Their most popular taco is a no-frills carne asada, though the owner will suggest you add their homemade green salsa. You can find their shop at 1140 N. Ashland Ave.

Here’s what fans of La Pasadita emailed in:

When I go eat there I start with 3 and end up finishing with 8. I walk out of there like Humpty Dumpty.

Luis A.

The beef of the tacos literally leaves your mouth with an unbelievable thirst for more as they water your mouth from the flavorful juices.

Ben R.

Their onion and cilantro asada is perfection on a tortilla.

Paul W.

Paco’s Tacos

The original Paco’s Tacos was a bit of an after-thought. The owner, Paco Francisco, opened up a grocery story at 4556 S. Ashland Ave. and decided to serve tacos at the back in case customers needed a snack. However their focus on freshness soon led his tacos to be the main draw.

The original location still exists, but they have since been expanded to two stand-alone restaurants which are the only locations that pop-up in a search. Use the address above or search for La Internacional Supermercado to find where it all began.

Here’s what fans of Paco’s Tacos emailed in:

I’ve been going here for over 3 decades and I recommend this place to everyone I come across. I don’t live in the neighborhood anymore but I drive over an hour just for these steak tacos.

Gabriel T.

It’s like going to a great steak house and ordering the best steak you ever had. Everything is fresh and literally melts in your mouth.

Peter M.

Ingredients are always fresh. Its authentic! Not greasy, flavors are always popping and its never bland no matter what you order; whether tacos or their burritos, gorditas, etc. you can’t go wrong. This spot will always satisfy your cravings and authentic Mexican tacos needs.



Another highly-suggested and heavily-voted for taco favorite is Zacatacos. With five locations, primarily on the South Side of the city, it’s not hard to find an option to try one of their tortilla-cradled creations.

Their website states, “Zacatacos simply means ‘Take Out Tacos.’ Located in the heart of Westlawn community, Zacatacos open in November 1996. It was one of the first taquerias in the formerly Polish Lithuanian neighborhood. We are a family-owned taqueria with a simple concept: Traditional Mexican dishes with fresh homemade taste.”

Here’s what some of Zacatacos fans emailed in:

Juicy meat with great condiments. Taco has just enough meat and it’s greatly paired with onion and cilantro.

Giselle S.

El Pastor tacos. They have slow roasted on the spit with the pineapple on top. Can’t get better.

Ryan C.

It has a charcoal taste to it. Reminds me of bbq with family in the summer.

Marisela R.

(Note: WGN News Now attempted to contact Zacatacos but did not hear back.)

Taqueria El Milagro

Rounding out your top five tacos in Chicago is a name many recognize for their tortillas, but it’s what’s inside that claimed a spot on this list. Taqueria El Milagro was born out of the tortilla crafting business that is simply El Milagro, which started in Chicago in 1950. You have three locations to choose from, though the most well-known may be the 1923 S Blue Island Ave. taqueria.

Here’s what some of Taqueria El Milagro’s fans emailed in:

When you bite in the taco the flavor burst into your mouth and dance with your soul.

Jada B.

Order some to stay & some to go because you’ll definitely want more later.


There are just enough ingredients for a slightly messy eat, but not so much that things get ugly. The flavors are rich and distinct.

Vic S.

(Note: WGN News Now attempted to contact Taqueria El Milagro but did not hear back.)