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CHICAGO – National Dog Bite Awareness Week is officially underway, and a new poll ranks Chicago eigth in the nation for dog attacks on letter carriers.

The U.S. Postal Service poll is based on the 2021 calendar year, and according to their statistics, there were 35 dog attacks on letter carriers in the city.

The State of Illinois is ranked seventh in the nation for dog bites with a total of 226 reported in 2021 and 289 in 2020.

According to the USPS, more than 5,400 postal employees were attacked by dogs in 2021 which is why they want to bring awareness to the issue with the hashtag #dogbiteawareness.

This year’s campaign runs through Saturday June 11 and the theme is “The USPS Delivers for America – Deliver for Us by Restraining Your Dog.”

The USPS says most mail carriers make their deliveries around the same time, so they recommend dog owners keep their dog inside the house and away from the door, or on a leash behind a fence.

They add dogs may view your child taking mail from a letter carrier as a threat because dogs are protective of their owners and property.

The USPS says many of last year’s attacks were by dogs whose owners regularly said, “My dog won’t bite.”

Cleveland tops the list of letter carrier dog attacks with 58 incidents, followed by Houston, Texas with 54 and Kansas City, Missouri in third place with 48.

The top ten cities for dog attacks are listed below along with the number of incidents reported last year.

  • 1. Cleveland – 58
  • 2. Houston, TX – 54
  • 3. Kansas City, MO – 48
  • 4. Los Angeles, CA – 44
  • 5. Louisville, KY – 42
  • 6. Dallas, TX – 38
  • 7. St. Louis, MO – 36
  • 8. Chicago, IL – 35
  • 9. Detroit, MI – 34
  • 10. Columbus, OH – 31