CHICAGO, IL – Whether it’s the Cubs or the White Sox, Chicagoans loooove their baseball teams.

And apparently, so does the rest of the country. In fact, one team is the most popular baseball team in America right now!

So, let’s tip our baseball caps to the Chicago Cubs!

According to a new YouGovAmerica poll the Northsiders top The Most Popular Baseball Teams (Q1 2022) list, with the New York Yankees sliding into second, the Boston Red Sox taking third and the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals coming in fourth and fifth place.

The White Sox are eighth on the list behind the sixth ranked Los Angeles Dodgers and the seventh ranked New York Mets.

YouGov researchers determine their ratings every quarter of the year. For this list they interviewed 1,410 adults who, according to their website, have a positive opinion of a baseball team to get their data.

Here’s how the Cubs measured up per the YouGov data:

  • 88% have heard of them
  • 42% like them
  • 14% dislike them
  • 32% neutral

And, here’s a look at the White Sox data:

  • 83% have heard of them
  • 35% like them
  • 11% dislike them
  • 37% neutral