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CHICAGO — It’s long been said that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and that’s apparently very true in Chicago!

The Windy City is ranked No. 3 on “2023’s Best Cities for Breakfast Lovers” by Lawn Love.

Researchers looked at some 200 cities across the country with “plenty of access to breakfast spots like diners, cafes and doughnut shops.”

Factors such as the number of breakfast clubs, quality, popularity, and Google search interest (including “Breakfast near me,” “Breakfast places near me,” “Best breakfast near me” and “Breakfast restaurants near me”) were also considered along with several other metrics.

New York City won the top spot as the best city for breakfast lovers, followed by San Francisco, Chicago in third, Portland, Oregon ranked fourth and Providence, Rhode Island in fifth.

Other Illinois cities that made the list are Naperville ranked 117th, Rockford at 149th, Aurora ranked 179th, and Joliet at 195th.

Researchers said Chicago stood out from the other cities because it has quality breakfast foods and a wide “smorgasbord” of mouthwatering breakfast options.

Here’s a look at how Chicago and Joliet stacked up in some of the categories.

10 Best Cities for Breakfast Lovers

  • 1. New York City
  • 2. San Francisco
  • 3. Chicago
  • 4. Portland, OR
  • 5. Providence, RI
  • 6. Boston, MA
  • 7. Miami, FL
  • 8. Seattle
  • 9. Minneapolis
  • 10. Los Angeles

Most Breakfast Clubs

  • 1. New York, NY
  • 2. Portland, OR
  • 3. Chicago (tie)
  • 4. Las Vegas (tie)
  • 5. Boston & Philadelphia (tie)

Most Monthly Searches for Breakfast
Keywords Over Past Year

  • 1. New York, NY
  • 2. Chicago, IL
  • 3. Las Vegas
  • 4. Los Angeles
  • 5. Houston, TX

Lowest Average Consumer Rating for All
Breakfast Vendors

  • 1. Thornton, CO
  • 2. Fayetville, NC
  • 3. West Valley
  • 4. Montgomery, AL
  • 5. Joliet, IL

10 Worst Cities for Breakfast Lovers

  • 1. West Valley City, UT
  • 2. Fayetteville, NC
  • 3. Midland, TX
  • 4. Montgomery, AL
  • 5. Thortnton, CO
  • 6. Joliet, IL
  • 7. Hampton, VA
  • 8. Columbus, GA
  • 9. Macon, GA
  • 10. Brownsville, TX