CHICAGO – Over the last six months, it’s been quite a ride for the team and the fans that watch them.

There was a great first four months of the season that reenergized the supporter base and had the Bulls tied at the top of the Eastern Conference at the All-Star Break. Then came an 8-17 second half where the team showed its flaws against the best competition the NBA has to offer.

Throughout that time, the Bulls were dealing with a number of injuries that kept some of their key core players out for a long time.

Still, the team made the playoffs for the first time in five years and even got a win over the defending champion Bucks in Game 2. The final three games of the series, all blowouts, did show the team still have plenty of growing to do.

The last edition of the “Bull-etin Board” for the 2021-2022 season talks a lot about the season that just happened and what’s ahead for the team this offseason. We’ll hear from a number of players on the team along with some thoughts from Elias Schuster of Bleacher Nation Bulls.

You can watch this edition of the show with Larry Hawley by clicking on the video above.