Breakfast and lunch ideas for back to school

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CHICAGO – It’s time for school as in back to school. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, although some might argue its lunch.

During the school year both are important because food fuels your brain.

WGN News Now check out some fun and unique meal ideas to start off the school year.

Gina Ferwerda, cookbook author and culinary adventure travel expert shares some ideas with us.

1 – Frozen Yogurt Parfaits – kids have a tendency to eat healthier yogurt aka Greek or Icelandic yogurt when frozen. So I’ll show how easy it is to make those ahead of time and freeze them. I’ll also show these in a tube that can be made at home (instead of buying those sugary go-gurts)

2 Scrambled Eggs In A Mug – I’ll show how easy it is to throw an egg in a mug, scramble with a fork and microwave for 1 min. You can add ham and cheese, whatever you like to it. It can be eaten straight out of the mug, or it can be put on a healthy wrap and made into a quick breakfast burrito and eaten on the road.

3 Peanut Butter and Jelly Tacos – These can be made for breakfast or put in their school lunch box. So these will transition into the lunch recipes. These are basically a piece of bread, cut into round shapes and filled with peanut butter, jelly, berries and granola.


1 – Turkey & Cheese Rollups – with fruit and veggies in a Bento Box

2 – Meat & Cheese Burritos – I’ll show how to add extra protein and fiber in your kids taco meat using blended beans in the meat. Kids will never know they are beans in there.

3 – Pasta – 3 different ways – All kids love buttery noodles, so I’ll show how easy it is to make chickpea pasta and add it to their lunch. The first one will be buttery pasta noodles, the second one will be with pizza sauce and pepperoni and the third one will be a taco pasta using the bean/meat taco blend from the burritos.

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