CHICAGO – Saturday wasn’t a day to remember after the first pitch for White Sox fans at Guaranteed Rate Field, but that wasn’t the case for what transpired before the game.

Beau Dowling’s “Ulitmate Wish” was the reason why.

The seven-year-old was the guest of honor for the White Sox on Saturday as the team rolled out the red carpet for a kid who’s been through a lot in his young life. He was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma as a toddler and has undergone various treatments through the years to fight it, including stem cell, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy.

After beating that, he then was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which he had surgery for earlier in June.

As part of Dowling’s ultimate wish, the seven-year-old along with his family, including six siblings, got a limo ride to Guaranteed Rated Field. Once there, he got his own custom jersey along with the opportunity to meet White Sox players and get a few autographs.

The highlight was his “Home Run For Life” in which he got to take a swing in the batter’s box before the game and then round the bases. As he did so, players for both the White Sox and the Orioles lineup up on their respective baselines and gave Beau a high-five as he round the bases towards home plate.

When he got there, he was greeted by friends and family with a big embrace as the crowd cheered for the moment.

Along with the experience, Dowling received $10,000 check on behalf of the The Andrew Weishar Foundation.

This moment was featured as the “Random Hawlight” on #WGNNewsNow this week, and you can see more on the moment from Larry Hawley in the video above.