CHICAGO — Police said they moved in and made arrests on three major gang investigations this week because Chicago typically sees increased violence on holiday weekends.

Officers arrested 25 people and seized more than $100,000 worth of cocaine, more than $80,000 worth of heroin and around $130,000 in cash.

The three undercover investigations have been going on for months, with one of them going for around a year, targeting gangs in Little Village, Austin and Pilsen.

Brown says of the 25 arrests, only three suspects were held without bond and remain in jail. The rest were given minimal bonds, he says, and were back out on the streets within hours.

“These are dangerous people and it took our officers doing dangerous work,” Brown said. “Risking their lives for someone that the judges didn’t see as a danger to the community — and we differ in that opinion.”

The press conference comes nearly one year to the day since Ernest Cato was promoted to chief of the Bureau of Counterterrorism. He took over for Jose Tirado who retired from the department.