A look at the creation of Chicago Fire FC’s new crest

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CHICAGO – It’s not the first time he’s done something like this by any means, which is a big reason the club looked his way to make a major change in 2021.

As promised, Chicago Fire FC owner Joe Mansueto decided to change their “Fire Crown” logo in early 2021 after it was not well received by supporters during its first year in use. When doing so, they looked to veteran designer Matthew Wolff to aid in the club’s quest to find an identity that better fit their supporters.

Having designed a number of crests for clubs, including a few in Major League Soccer, Wolff understands how much a crest can help to galvanize a supporter base.

“The most successful clubs are a reflection of their community,” said Wolff. “The crest is an illustration of that reflection.”

Early this year, he was tasked with designing the new crest while receiving plenty of input from supporters around the city. Over 500 hours of roundtables from fans, 225,000 words written to the club from the team’s website, along with 10,000 fan responses on social media gave Wolff an idea of what fans were looking for.

With four key elements identified –  the six-pointed star, the letter “C”, a Florian cross, and the Chicago flag – Wolff went to work and created the new crest.

Released on June 18th, the elements mentioned by the fans were incorporated by Wolff and will be used by the franchise starting in 2022.

“Ultimately, I wanted to create something for Chicago that could last for generations to come,” said Wolff of the finished design.

Larry Hawley spoke more to Wolff about the designing of the crest for WGN News Now on Wednesday, and you can watch that story in the video above.

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