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CHICAGO – The countdown to Mother’s Day is on. The big day is Sunday May 8th, so it’s time to start thinking of how you plan to celebrate the special lady in your life.

Now “mom” turned upside down spells “wow” folks, so that right there sets the tone for the day!

So, whether it’s your mom, grandma, aunt, mother of your children, like a mother or mother figure, you need a thoughtful gift to show your love and appreciation for all that she does and has done.

The co-founders of Family Entourage visited WGN News Now and shared five must-have Mother’s Day gift ideas. Kelli Gillespie and Mei Ling Nazar had the following suggestions:

Flowers: Swap Fresh for Forever: Instead of giving mom fresh flowers, Gillespie and Nazar suggested giving her artificial arrangements that last forever. They said you can give artificial florals and greenery with lifelike flowers ranging from orchids to roses to hydrangeas, plus garlands, wreaths, and foliage that be placed in the home or used as outdoor decor.

Favorite Places: Travel & Memories: Gift mom a keepsake that captures memories from your hometown, honeymoon, favorite vacation spot, or bucket list location. It could be a decorative, handstitched pillow, a hand towel, a glass or travel decor that will keep her reminiscing or daydreaming about the future.

Smart Bags: Baby, Beach & Beyond: What isn’t in mom’s bag?! She pretty much carries everything, so why not have her do it smarter and more stylishly, whether it’s a diaper bag, beach bag or night on the town tote with lots of pockets and compartments.

Mommy & Me: Twinning Time: Celebrating mom while twinning or wearing the same outfits can make the day more special too. Gillespie and Nazar suggested finding matching prints or style to make the day together more meaningful and fun.

Handmade: Cards to Coupon Books: Gifts from the heart are always a winner. Gillespie and Nazar advised to have kids color a card or create a coupon book. They said art inspired handmade gifts will always be cherished by mom.

You can see more of their suggestions as they share them with Christine Flores and Chip Brewster in the video above.