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Now if you’re looking to add some decorations to your holiday decor but don’t want to break the bank, WGN News Now has a gift for you.

Kelli Gillespie and Mei Ling Nazar, co-founders of Family Entourage, popped in to share three home decor holiday hacks.

These DIY decor projects are easy and inexpensive (most items could be bought at a Dollar Store) and will add a festive flare to your home.

Pool Noodle Peppermint Lollipops
What you need: Red pool noodles, white masking tape, hot glue, rubber bands,cellophane and ribbon.
What to do: Wrap the white tape around the pool noodle, then roll the noodle into itself adding hot glue as you roll. Wrap rubber bands around each side to hold it in place while the glue dries. Once it’s dry, place a stick or stake in the bottom. Next, wrap the top with cellophane and then add a bow.

Festive Fabric & Wrapping Runner
What you need: Festive fabric and holiday wrapping paper
What to do: Spread your chosen festive fabric out as a tablecloth. Next take your holiday wrapping paper and place it on top of your fabric as a table runner.

Laundry Basket Burlap Base
What you need: Round small laundry basket, several rolls of burlap ribbon
What to do: This is literally as easy as it sounds. Weave the burlap thrugh the holes in the laundry basket and when you’re done, you have a burlap base for anything from a Christmas tree to a plant.

You can see more in the video above!