Why did Arlington Heights opt out of anti-puppy mill ordinance?

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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. — It’s the fight that keeps on going. In Cook County, it’s been going on for well over a year.

The county wants to ban the sale of puppy mill dogs. The thinking is that the animals are mistreated and survive under horrible conditions in those mills packed with dogs. By keeping pet shops from purchasing those dogs, the puppy mills would have no choice but to go out of business. It’s an ordinance that’s gotten a lot of positive attention, but there’s at least one city that is opting out.

No question about it, puppies melt hearts, which is why in Arlington Heights, Ill., the village board is in quite a bind.

They’ve been dealing with concerns over the Cook County ordinance they’ve opted out of, which keeps pet shops from selling puppy mill dogs.

The question is why would Arlington Heights be one of just a few cities to pull away from the county ordinance?

Arlington Heights is also the home of Happiness is Pets.  That shop owner along with the Missouri Breeders Association have filed appeals to fight the county ordinance.  Last September, WGN investigates asked the attorney for Happiness is Pets about the purchase of puppy mill dogs.

To be fair, Happiness is Pets has no citations.  But some of the facilities they purchase from do.

The purchase and sale of dogs is a multi-million dollar industry. In Arlington Heights, Happiness is Pets is a booming business that even the mayor will tell you they don’t want to lose.

Arlington Heights promises to come up with their own ordinance. They initially said that it would take about 60 days.  But that timeframe came and went, with still no ordinance.


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