It’s not just Ticketmaster struggling to keep up with the enormous demand for Taylor Swift tickets as the superstar brings her shows to Chicago next week.

WGN Investigates was contacted by a LaGrange Park family frustrated after spending the past six months trying to secure tickets for seats they purchased via StubHub.

“They state: ‘Your order guarantees a ticket valid for entry in the event,’” Diana Finnegan said reading off the confirmation email she received after purchasing four tickets last November. 

When the electronic tickets didn’t arrive, Finnegan embarked on a six month ordeal that included dozens of phone calls, emails and messages to StubHub customer service.

“We’re here to make sure you get your tickets in time for the event” StubHub reps wrote in multiple emails. “We will provide you all the help that you need to receive the tickets for the event.” 

However, the fine print of StubHub’s “Fan Protect Guarantee” says the company promises to get buyers the tickets they ordered, comparable or better tickets or a refund.

Finnegan said in early May a customer service rep revealed StubHub typically only offers comparable tickets if they can be secured for up to 150% of the customer’s purchase price.

The sky-high prices of Swift tickets quickly ruled-out that option but Finnegan said StubHub never told her. “There was no chance at any time throughout this entire process since November was I ever going to get comparable tickets.”

WGN Investigates contacted StubHub to ask why this family was strung along for so long? Three hours after we stepped-in, StubHub stepped-up… sending the Finnegan family tickets to Friday’s concert at Soldier Field.

StubHub’s FanProtect Guarantee ensures that a ticket buyer will get in the door, and if any issue occurs, we’ll find an equivalent or better ticket, or provide a full refund, but our priority is always to get our customers in the door,” a StubHub spokesperson wrote in an email to WGN Investigates.

“In Ms. Finnegan’s case we have provided upgraded replacement tickets, per our policy and hope she’ll enjoy the show.”

StubHub’s solution isn’t cheap for the company. A spokesperson said the Finnegan’s replacement tickets are valued at $13,592 – far more than the $1,270 they initially spent with StubHub.

Now this family of four – including daughters Lila, 16, and Betsy, 12 – is thrilled with the outcome. “StubHub transferred the tickets – we’re going to the show!” Diana Finnegan told her daughters in a video she recorded. “Thank you WGN!”