TINLEY PARK, Ill. — Some neighbors in Tinley Park say their complaints about a noisy dog park are falling on deaf ears.

Michael Pignotti has lived in his home in Tinley Park for 20 years.

Seven years ago, the park district opened a rather elaborate 10-acre dog park behind his house called the Canine Campus. For $50 a year, residents can buy their dog a membership to the “doggie dream world.”

Due to the proximity of his home to the park, Pignotti says barks routinely pierce through his walls.

“In the last few years, I’ve spent more time in the basement because the noise seems to diminish if I’m in the basement,” Pignotti said. “But I shouldn’t have to be living in the basement. Especially in the summer months.”

Police call logs show there have been 17 animal complaints at the Canine Campus since 2020.

Pignotti and other neighbors, who didn’t want to appear on camera, say their noise concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

“If they moved the activity area to the far east end of the park, that would quadruple the distance from where it is now to the back of our homes — and it would solve the problem,” Pignotti said.

The Tinley Park Park District said it sent an email to the Canine Club’s nearly 300 members, reminding them of the hours, rules, and courtesy they should extend to neighbors.

But Pignotti said it hasn’t solved the problem.

“There’s more sympathy to the dogs than the homeowners — and I like dogs,” he said.

The head of the park district said he has personally visited the Canine Campus to hear residents’ concerns. He declined to be interviewed but said the barking will be discussed at the next board meeting.