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No charges are expected in the death of Dr Laura Berman’s 16-year-old son Sammy Chapman.

Sammy died February after purchasing a fake prescription pill using a social media platform

On Tuesday, Berman’s husband Sam Chapman said the family have been told the person who may have played a role in his death will simply walk away.

“They say that because the drugs were purchased three days before he died from them, that anything could’ve happened in the interim,” Champman told WGN News. “It would be too hard to prove that they were bought from the person that killed him.”

Chapman and Berman have spent the last year raising awareness about the rise in fake prescription pills and the role social media was playing.  Their son’s death brought the problem to light.  It’s believed the teen used a social media platform to buy a fake pill, laced with a deadly mix.  For months, police tracked the person they believe sold it to him, but it led them nowhere.

“I think everyone suspects that he knew what he had done and went underground,” Chapman said. “He dealt to the wrong kid and there was a death that happened.”

While Sammy’s parents may never see an arrest in the case, they are not walking away from the issue.  They say the combination of social media and drugs has the potential to get even worse.

“It’s a mess. Crime is ramping up,” Chapman said.  “There is no justice.  What I’ve heard is that it’s up to parents.  And help law enforcement wherever we can.”

Along with a public service announcement, the couple is lobbying Congress for protection.  In the coming weeks, Sammy’s Bill is expected to be completed. It will push for parent monitoring software on all social media platforms.

“What we are hoping is that we can bring some control to parents and present a bill that is neither Right nor Left,” Chapman said.

Chapman and Berman could be making a trip to the capitol in the coming months. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is leading the effort.