Former comptroller indictment: What did Emanuel know and when did he know it?

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For the first time publicly, Mayor Emanuel talked about his now indicted former city comptroller Amer Ahmad.

Emanuel was not happy with questions about his indicted ex-comptroller during what was supposed to be a happy ribbon cutting at a new prep school today.

“It’s not like the justice department gives you a heads up,” he said.

The mayor expressed his frustration with his former comptroller for not being forthright with him.

“He had a responsibility to inform the Mayor’s Office of what happened and what were the questions. That is where he violated the trust,” Emanuel said.

But the question remains did the mayor’s office miss some red flags?

In 2010, a nasty campaign for the treasurer’s office was being waged in Ohio.  Ahmad’s boss got hammered because of Ahmad’s questionable ties to a lobbyist.

It’s those ties that are now the basis of the federal indictment against Emanuel’s hand-picked choice to be the comptroller

Just last month, a month and a half before the comptroller’s corruption charge, WGN asked to speak to the mayor about Ahmad’s role in Ohio after a police officer blogged about the comptroller’s troubles.

The mayor’s office cancelled a scheduled interview saying it doesn’t respond to right wing bloggers.

Soon after that, Ahmad resigned.

The mayor’s office said today, the interview was canceled because questions about Ahmad was not a previously agreed upon topic.

The mayor’s office has yet to produce records about the Ahmad hiring that we requested in via Freedom of Information.


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