Man arrested while trying to deliver subpoena to Cicero town president

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CICERO, Ill. — A process server said he was harassed and arrested for trying to deliver a subpoena to the Cicero town president.

Larry Dominick can’t be served, one police officer allegedly told him. And while William Rivera’s criminal case is behind him, the harassment apparently hasn’t stopped.

The story began with a lawsuit, filed by Jason Gonzales, who tried but failed to unseat Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan in the March 2016 primary. Gonzales later sued Madigan in federal court, claiming the powerful speaker and his allies recruited Hispanic candidates to try and divert votes from Gonzales and benefit Madigan.

In June 2018, an attorney for Gonzales hired Rivera to serve Larry Dominick, the Cicero town president, with a subpoena to testify in the Madigan case. Rivera looked for Dominick at town hall and three Cicero residences, but couldn’t find him.

When he returned to town two days later he was arrested, and allegedly told Dominick couldn’t be served.

At the station, officers accused Rivera of stealing a package that had been delivered to the home of a town official. Rivera was hit with two misdemeanors: theft and impersonating an officer for having this badge around his neck, which identifies Rivera as a process server.

Rivera signed a confession saying he stole the package. But he maintains his innocence and claims his confession was coerced.

The impersonation charge was later dropped. And last month a judge found Rivera not guilty of theft.

Dominick told WGN Investigates the court got it wrong.

“Just because he’s a process server don’t mean he’s above the law,” Dominick said, adding he never ordered anyone to harass or arrest Rivera.

As for Rivera, his criminal case may be over but the saga isn’t. He said he’s received harassing letters about the case as recently as last month. Dominick denied any knowledge of the letters.

Rivera is now suing the Town of Cicero, claiming he was falsely arrested and his civil rights violated.


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