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CHICAGO — The operators of an infamous Chicago towing company that lost its license this week claim “chaos” has ensued as a result of its tow trucks being sidelined.

Attorneys for Lincoln Towing filed a 70-page request for a temporary restraining order that would allow it to resume operations while it appeals the Illinois Commerce Commission’s decision to revoke Lincoln’s license. The complaint claims drivers are now parking in private lots without fear of being towed “sparking chaos through the city.”

“Motorists now believe they can park in any lot in Lakeview, prominently posted with [Lincoln Towing’s] signs, and lot owners would have absolutely no recourse,” according to the complaint.

Lincoln’s attorneys go a step further claiming brawls could break out over parking: “This could incite actual, physical violence, if a motorists unlawfully parks on private property and is confronted by the property owner, especially in instances where lot owners are charging, at times, upwards of $150 per spot during events, and can now no longer enforce parking regulations in their own, private parking lots.”

The Illinois Commerce Commission voted unanimously on Wednesday to revoke Lincoln’s license.  “Lincoln Towing Service has not conducted its business with honesty and integrity,” the ICC concluded.

A court hearing is scheduled for Monday morning to consider Lincoln Towing’s request to be allowed to resume operations.

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