Lewd pictures lead to suspension of officer’s powers

WGN Investigates
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A Chicago police officer got his police powers taken away after a WGN Investigation discovered lewd and shocking pictures of a man’s private parts.

It began with a tip to WGN Investigates in a simple, strange, anonymous envelope.

Inside, a tiny piece of paper not much bigger than what you’d find inside a fortune cookie.

On that paper was a web address, apparently set up, to bring down a Chicago police officer.

It included his name, home address, the police district where he worked and rants about him denigrating the department.

The website contained many graphic photos allegedly showing the officer, including one where genitals are poking through handcuffs and several pictures of masturbation.

One picture includes police uniform pants unzipped.

Another appears to be him, bare chested standing over his gun.

WGN Investigates went to the officer’s home to ask him about the pictures.

Mark: Is that you?

Officer: No sir.  Have a good day sir.

Mark: Can you explain it?

Officer: I can’t explain it.

After first claiming the pictures weren’t of him, WGN showed him pictures of just his bare chest and his face.

Mark: Do you know of anyone who’d want to expose you like that?

Officer: No.  Ok thank you.

Mark: Are you sure, now is the time.

Officer: For what? (laughs)

Mark: I mean, why would somebody…?

Officer” I don’t know.

The officer’s name and face are not being shown because the investigation hasn’t proven he’s directly responsible for any wrongdoing.

The Chicago police say they’ve turned the matter over to the department of internal affairs for investigation.




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