How is CTU spending millions made on sale of Gold Coast high rise?

WGN Investigates
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CHICAGO — We told you about the Fewkes Tower in April 2015.  The Chicago Teachers Union, which owned the building for five decades, sold it for $48.5 million.

Nine months ago,  WGN Investigates tried to get some clear answers on how the money would be spent but CTU canceled a scheduled interview.

Now tax documents reveal how that money is being spent.  The Chicago Sun-Times also reported on the findings.  A string of community groups linked to demonstrations in favor of CTU and opposing Mayor Rahm Emanuel are receiving the dollars as part of grants issued by the CTU Foundation.

The revenue generated by the multi-million dollar sale of the building was deposited into the Foundation, which awards scholarships and grants to organizations of its choice.

CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey says “there’s never been any strings attached” to receiving grant dollars from CTU.

CTU will also use some of the money to renovate a building it purchased on the West side which will become its headquarters.


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