CHICAGO — Five years after his retirement, former Congressman Luis Gutierrez is making a comeback.

For three decades he was a powerful voice in the fight for immigration reform. 

Gutierrez retired in 2018 and moved to Puerto Rico. He’s now back in Chicago as he battles macular degeneration which is severely impacting his vision. 

“Look, my vision is enough that I see you,” Gutierrez said. “I can play with my two-year-old grandson. Science is advancing but there is no cure for macular degeneration and I have advanced so I just got my second set of shots.”

Gutierrez has been able to keep up with local and national politics.

He said he wants to re-engage with the political world and will be joining the non-profit organization CASA on a mission to register voters. 

He’s headed to Puerto Rico first and will later travel the U.S. 

“Making sure that Maryland, Virginia, Georgia and Pennsylvania ring blue in November 2024, that’s my priority,” he said.

Gutierrez turns 70 in December and other than his vision, he said he’s in good health. 

Right now, he’s working to schedule meetings with elected officials on a local and national level hoping to continue his work on immigration reform.