Chicago police, feds find no link between local riots and Antifa

WGN Investigates
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CHICAGO — Despite President Donald Trump’s claim that Antifa is partially to blame for violent protests across the country, WGN Investigates found local police and the federal agents have not publicly made that connection in Chicago.

Chicago police told WGN Investigates, of the more than 2200 arrests made for civil unrest and looting, they have not determined any significant links to the group president Trump has called “domestic terrorists.”

On the federal side, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago also did not publicly link any of the 15 cases they’ve brought to Antifa.

A man from downstate Illinois was charged with travelling to Minneapolis and Chicago for the purpose of rioting.

Matthew Rupert is accused of bragging about bombing targets and setting buildings ablaze.

A photo in the criminal complaint appears to show him with a burned out Chicago police car but federal prosecutors don’t mention any links to antifa.

His family reportedly said Rupert was motivated by a hatred of police, not politics.

Antifa is a loosely aligned group on the far left. Some who identify with the group have used violent tactics to get their message across.


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