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CHICAGO — A month ago, the Pullman neighborhood was promised big money, big development and jobs. Then COVID-19 hit hard.

The South Side neighborhood’s $20 million community center was shut down along with its schools. Small businesses are also struggling.

But 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale said his community is hitting back. Construction for a possible Amazon facility is ongoing. Method is still making soap. Shoppers are at Walmart. Gotham Greens is hiring

“I guarantee you we’re going to rebound and come back bigger and stronger than ever,” he said.

His message of hope for the community is coming face to face with some harsh realities.

Like so many, the alderman is taking it day by day, working at home and stuck inside.

“People are afraid of the unknown. Right now, feeling really confined is one of the biggest things we’re having to deal with,” he said. “This thing is going to come and go. At the end of the day make sure we our brother’s keeper and that’s the main thing we have to look at.”