Body cam video shows fear and frustration during shooting

WGN Investigates
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WGN Investigates has a unique, firsthand look at the challenges police face on the front lines of the war on crime in a community distrustful of police officer. 

Thirty-five miles south of Chicago’s glittering skyline you’ll find a community once labeled one of the “poorest in country.”  Ford Heights hasn’t been able to afford its own police force in more than a decade.  The village pays the Cook County Sheriff $3,000 per month to patrol its streets. 

A simple traffic stop this summer quickly escalated when police say a man with a gun ran into a wooded area and pointed the weapon back at the officer who was giving chase.  The officer fired several shots.  Thankfully, no one was injured. 

But as the video shows, split-second decisions by the officers at the scene, a suspect on the run and a community filled with fear and frustration could’ve easily exploded into an even more dangerous situation for police and the public.  

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