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CHICAGO — Chicago ranks as one of the top markets for bed bugs, with reports of the pests turning up in hotels and homes.

Now, add rideshare vehicles to that list.

Exterminator K.B. Lewis told WGN Investigates he fields multiple calls a week from rideshare drivers asking him to remove the bugs from cars.

“I’ve seen them crawling on the ceiling [and] trunks,” he said.

Driver Malik Molton has seen them too. It’s the reason he deep cleans his car on a regular basis.

“It kind of makes sense with just the amount of people that come through the car,” he said.

When it comes to transportation, the problem isn’t confined to rideshare vehicles.

In 2017, for example, the CTA removed a train car from service after a rider reported seeing bed bugs.

An Uber spokesperson told WGN the company wasn’t aware of any complaints involving bed bugs.

But the spokesperson did say dirty cars can cause drivers to receive low ratings, and “drivers can lose access to Uber” if that happens.