Attorney for 'Jane Doe' claims there is new evidence in alleged El Hefe sex assault 

WGN Investigates

CHICAGO — The claims have shaken the city of Chicago’s bar industry. Two women said they were raped after leaving a popular River North nightclub. Now, their attorney said he’s uncovered new evidence in the most recent case, including a text message believed to have been exchanged by staff at El Hefe.

In a statement, an El Hefe spokeswoman said, “Everyone impacted by this incident deserves to have all of the facts come to light and not rely on tidbits selectively leaked to guide the narration of your story. The idea that [anyone] could make any judgment about any one of these pieces of information, taken by themselves without context or understanding the role they play in the active criminal investigation, flies in the face of common sense.”

In October, a 21-year-old woman from Texas was in town and visited El Hefe. She believes her drink may have been drugged, though how and by whom is a question police are still not able to answer.

Medical reports obtained by WGN Investigates show she had little alcohol in her system about an hour after she left the bar.

The results of a full toxicology report, which would show traces of any drugs, are still pending.

Asked to comment on the medical report findings, an El Hefe spokeswoman said, “We are waiting for the police investigation to tell us what that means.”

Surveillance video appears to show the moments before her alleged attack in the alley behind the bar. The woman is seen stumbling out of El Hefe’s backdoor and appears to have a hard time standing and is escorted by an unknown man, as two men, identified as El Hefe security guards in the woman’s lawsuit, look on.

In November, she filed a lawsuit as “Jane Doe” in Cook County, and claimed she was sexually assaulted in the alley behind El Hefe.

In that suit, she alleged bar employees didn’t do enough to protect her.

Back in December, an El Hefe spokeswoman said, “Allegations like this are disturbing. The ownership group of El Hefe is working very closely with the Chicago Police Department and the city of Chicago to determine what happened.”

Chicago Police say detectives are continuing to investigate Jane Doe’s allegations.



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