After nearly 40 vehicles stolen off car lot, 1 used in deadly chase throughout Chicago

WGN Investigates

CHICAGO – After one of the largest car heists in recent memory, Chicago police confirm one of them was used in a deadly and wild chase through the city Wednesday night.

As police were distracted with protests and looting across the city Sunday evening, nearly 40 vehicles were stolen from a Toyota dealership at 69th and Western.

Cell phone video from stunned onlookers captured an organized caravan of criminals speeding off with stolen cars.

Some still had the for sales sticker in the side window.

“Chaos. Cars everywhere,” said manager Chris Alvarez. “People pulling cars out. It was painful, painful.”

Police confirmed to WGN Investigates, a black Jeep Trailhawk stolen from the lot is the same car involved in a wild police chase through the city Wednesday night.

The driver, suspected of being involved in a deadly shooting crashed the car. During the chase, a police car sped through an intersection and collided with another vehicle, killing that driver. Several officers were injured following the crash.

WGN Investigates spoke with a man who owns a clothing and cell phone store down the block from the Toyota dealer.

“What went down was unreal,” he said. “There’s nothing left in the business.”

As both begin to rebuild,their confidence in their community is shaken, but not broken.

“We plan to stay in business, right now we’re replacing some of the windows and doors that got broken,” Alvarez said.

Chicago police said they have the young man in custody who started Wednesday night’s chase, but they do not know at this time if he stole the vehicle.

Alvarez said the losses are at least $500,000.


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