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CHICAGO — It’s been more than one year since Chicago police officer Titus Moore died of COVID-19.  His family still hasn’t been able to bring themselves to empty his home of his belongings. 

Moore’s uniforms still hung in the closet.  They’ve paid the bills and maintained the home while the Covid-slowed probate process moves through the court system. It’s one of the reasons they were so appalled when they found the home ransacked and robbed recently.

“It could have been preventable,” Moore’s father, who is a retired Chicago police officer who guarded two Chicago mayors, Theopsy Moore said.   He insists the robbery was preventable because neighbors called police when they saw men breaking into the home with a crowbar.  

The men claimed they were sent on behalf of a mortgage company to winterize and secure the home.  However, court records show the home is not in foreclosure. 

Moore’s family said they explained the situation to responding officers and showed them they had the keys to house.

“[The officers] said there’s nothing they could do, it’s civil,” Moore’s cousin Angelica Green said.  “They told the guys to stop for tonight and probably come back tomorrow.”

It’s unclear who robbed the home in the days that followed but they stole televisions, police equipment and uniforms.  The burglars even cut into several walls looking for hidden valuables. 

“They didn’t just break into my house – they came in my house with the permission of police,” Theopsy Moore said.