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CHICAGO — This is the story of a suburban officer who became a criminal and the two lawmen who stopped his escape attempt from a downtown Chicago courthouse.

Jeffrey Erickson hid a handcuff key in his mouth and used it to get free from his restraints as he was moved into the basement of the Dirksen Federal Building in 1992.

Retired Chicago police detective Harry Belluomini was working as a court security guard on that July day. He and Deputy U.S. Marshall Roy “Bill” Frakes encountered the desperate criminal after he had disarmed another law enforcement officer and ran from the garage toward a busy downtown street and freedom.

Thirty years after that fateful day, the City of Chicago is finally honoring Belluomini and Frakes and their families are reflecting on the men’s service and sacrifice.

“My dad really did save a lot of lives,” Belluomini’s daughter Annie Belluomini said.

WGN’s Ben Bradley has the story.