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CHICAGO — WGN Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling will be taking time off from his on-air weather duties to recover from gastric bypass surgery.

Skilling posted on Facebook Saturday sharing the news about his procedure with his thousands of followers. His last day before surgery will be Monday, with the surgery scheduled for Wednesday. In a Facebook post, Skilling said he was told to expect to take four to six weeks off to recover.

“…though, in talking to others who have undergone this procedure, some have told me it could end up being only a matter of two or three weeks,” he said.

The meteorologist said he has been preparing for the past few months for the weight loss procedure.

“As anyone who’s struggled to get weight off and KEEP it off, you realize at some point there are some people who need help beyond merely dieting,” he said.

He went on to say that along with the surgery comes an overhaul in how and what he eats.

He said he hates missing work and knows that people would be wondering where he was and decided to post online about the procedure so people wouldn’t be left wondering.

He said his weather office coworkers will be covering for him in his absence. He said he’ll check back in on Facebook after his surgery to let his followers know how things are going.

“Believe me, I’ll no doubt end up crawling up the walls awaiting my return to work–a return which ought to come later in March or early April,” Skilling said.

Many of Skilling’s followers have wished him good luck and offered words of support on his Facebook post.