Western Illinois University to cut $20M over next 2 years

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MACOMB, Ill. — Western Illinois University has announced that it plans to cut $20 million from its budget over the next two fiscal years.

The Macomb, Ill.-based school says it is making cuts due to the months-long state budget impasse in Springfield and they will span fiscal years 2017 and 2018.

Included in the cuts will be both staff and faculty members and a hiring freeze, the school said in a statement.

About 100 personnel are expected to be let go, the statement read.

Added the university,

[T]he University will limit spending to essential needs only and travel is restricted. In addition, mandatory furloughs will be implemented for all non-negotiated personnel (both administrative/non-academic and civil service personnel not covered by unions).

“Without these reductions, we risk jeopardizing the entire enterprise,” said Western Illinois University President Jack Thomas.

Additional cuts include “reducing contracts from 12 to 11 or 10 months for select administrative positions” and “closing and/or combining select offices/units,” according to the statement.


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