Websites, apps for turning trash into cash

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One of my favorite people to watch on Good Morning America is Becky Worley. She’s got a great eye for cool websites and apps, and she recently did a really neat segment on how to turn your clutter into cash. I was impressed and completely motivated to start looking at what I could sell in my home to make a few extra bucks!

Here are some of my favorite websites and apps that she suggested:

Website & free iOs app

Create a virtual closet on Poshmark featuring your clothing and accessories that you’d like to sell. It’s very easy to do this with Poshmark’s app: Just snap a photo of the item with your phone, dictate a description of the item to Siri and upload it. You will get an alert any time someone bids on your item.
Got old electronics you no longer use? Trade them in for cash or gift cards on Search on the website for the item you want to sell will pay you for it, and then print out the shipping label to send it off!
A place for buying and selling children’s clothing. You can trade in a bag of your child’s old baby clothes for cash! $5 for the bag (unless you buy some clothes from the website!)

Website & free app for iOs and Android
Worley didn’t mention Etsy, but in my research, some reports mention Etsy as a place to sell vintage items, like antique-y jewelry or retro childhood toys. While I’m more of a shopper than a seller on Etsy, friends say it’s easy to set up your virtual shop!.


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