Awesome apps for children with autism

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Best apps for children with Autism

Best apps for children with Autism

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As Autism Awareness Month draws to a close, here are some handy apps that are great for children with autism (and children without autism, too!)

$6.99 for iOS

Choiceworks helps children visually map out daily schedules so that they can learn to follow routines. The app also helps them understand and control their emotions as well as improve their waiting skills.

Word SLaPps
$4.99 for iOS, lite version for free

Word SLaPps helps kids recognize people by sight. The app features a variety of audio recordings and photos to choose from. Or, you can upload your own photos and audio recordings to make the app more personal. One idea — upload family members so children can learn who’s who.

$4.99 for iOs and Android

MathBoard is great for learning simple addition, and then progressing to multiplication and division. The questions are multiple choice but the app also features an “scratchboard” area where children can work out the problems — a great way to save paper, too!

$2.99 for iPad, Lite version free

Balloonimals is a fun game that teaches kids that good things happen when you follow directions.

The “lite” version of the game only features the T-Rex balloon. The full version has multiple balloon animals.

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