Weapon recognition technology could be key in preventing workplace shootings

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AURORA, Ill. — In the wake of Friday’s workplace shooting in Aurora, while a community struggles to heal, law enforcement and private business owners struggle with how to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The California-based company TrueFace said its job is to reduce or even eliminate deadly crimes like the events at Henry Pratt Company.

The software company said it takes facial recognition technology one step further. Using the same science and same theory, it can also look for weapons anywhere there’s a security camera rolling.

Shaun Moore is the CEO of Trueface.

“We are simply taking our software and analyzing the footage that is already coming in,” he said.

They don’t just analyze the mathematical representation of faces but also the potential for weapons.

The techs at TrueFace use state of the art computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques to analyze hundreds of thousands of parameters to identify any threatening objects. They then alert officers to know it’s happening.

“Authorities will be made aware immediately that a gun has been drawn,” Moore said.

TrueFace claims its software can detect five classes of weapons:

  • Shotguns
  • Rifles
  • Pistols
  • Knives
  • Swords

There may be no way to prepare for the pain in the aftermath of a brutal rampage like what happened in Aurora on Friday, but TrueFace said there is a way to prepare to prevent it from happening like this again and their advanced software could be the solution.

“We feed it thousands of images of firearms, so we have all sorts of reference points,” Moore said. “And when that gun is shown on the camera feed , we can recognize that is a gun with a very high level of confidence.”

TrueFace said when a gun is detected, they can notify law enforcement in as little as three seconds, reducing response time considerably.

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