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WAUKEGAN, Ill. — Waukegan police said an officer fatally shot a teen and injured a woman after the car they were in reversed toward the officer.

Police said they were investigating a vehicle on Tuesday just before noon near Liberty and Oak streets. Police said while they were investigating, the car fled from one of the officers. A few moments later, another officer spotted the car near Martin Luther King Jr. and South avenues.

That officer got out of his squad car and approached the vehicle. When the officer did so, police said the car reversed. The officer fired his weapon because he was “in fear of his safety,” according to police.

Both the driver and the passenger of the car were shot. The driver, identified by family as Tafara Williams, was transported to a hospital and is expected to recover. The passenger, identified as Marcellis Stinnette, died from his injuries. The two were a couple.

In a video shared with WGN, Williams shared with her mother what happened to her. She is seen in the video recounting the incident from her hospital bed.

Williams said she was shot first, causing her car to go into reverse — which differs from the police department’s narrative.

The family members of the two said they are not getting answers.

“I don’t know why they did this to my baby,” Clifftina Johnson, Williams’ mother said. “I’m not going to get it, but lord knows they need to stop being trigger happy.”

Illinois State Police is investigating. They are reviewing body cam video and dash cam video. 

Once completed, that investigation will then be turned over to the Lake County States Attorney. The office will review the findings of the investigation and determine whether a police officer or anyone violated the law.

Both officers involved were placed on administrative leave.