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WAUCONDA, Ill. — Many Black Panther fans are just realizing that there is an actual village in Illinois called Wauconda — and they’re having a little fun.

Wakanda is the fictional African nation from the Blockbuster movie, “Black Panther.”

Wauconda is a north suburb in Lake County, Illinois.

Well, Wauconda’s village hall has started to get some curious calls from fans of the film.

People are asking if they have any extra vibranium or just yelling “WAKANDA FOREVER!” before hanging up.

Vibranium is a fictional metal from the movie, known for being stronger than any other.

Fans took to Twitter to speak of the Wauconda vs Wakanda connection:

There was also a suggestion to change the town’s high school mascot to black panther. But, the school’s principal said the current mascot, a bulldog, will remain for now.

The village of Wauconda is having fun with the whole situation now, and posted photos at different locations with people wearing a “Black Panther” mask.

The post reads, “The affects of Vibranium in Wauconda…”