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DIXMOOR, Ill. — Water service in Dixmoor is back on following two “major” main breaks Thursday.

The water main breaks took place at 141st Street and Woods Street and at 143rd and Davis and Spaulding Streets.

The decision to turn off the water was based on the amount of water being lost from the water tank and concerns about burning up the village’s water pumps, according to officials.

“Water service is back up and running in Dixmoor, but at the moment pressure is low while we wait for the water tank to refill,” Village President Fitzgerald Roberts said. “There is a boil water order in effect until further notice. We will continue to make water available for residents at Village Halls for residents who need it.”

Last fall, a water main break left people without running water for more than 10 days. Back in March, service was disrupted for a day due to a main break.

As a result of the issues, Dixmoor officials last year blamed the Village of Harvey.

A state of emergency was in effect with food and water available at Village Hall, located at 170 W. 145th St.

Roberts said village residents are on a boil order for up to a week as a result of the main breaks.