WATCH: Unlikely friendship develops between dog and disabled kitten

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They’re not your average pair, but Ralphee the kitten and Max the dog have become fast friends.

Ralphee has a neurological disorder known as feline cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition in which the cerebellum is not fully formed at birth. The disorder causes the kitten to have difficulty controlling fine motor skills. But that didn’t stop Max from becoming his friend.

In the video description posted on YouTube, the user says,

“[Max] appears to be forever curious and watches over Ralphee wherever she goes. Ralphee is growing more mischievous by the day and loves to see what Max is doing as well. She will often get excited when he is nearby and leap in the air before playfully charging in his direction. Despite her condition, Ralphee is a happy cat who, like most kittens loves affection and causing all sorts of trouble wherever she goes.”


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