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CHICAGO — A Cook County judge denied a motion to increase R. Kelly’s $1 million bond.

Judge Lawrence Flood said it’s a “moot point” considering the singer is in federal custody.

The judge demanded Kelly show up for Tuesday’s status hearing on his 10-count sex assault case after he failed to appear in court last month.

Also Tuesday, the judge refused to give $100,000 in bail money back to , Valencia Love, a friend of the rapper who paid it in February to secure his release from county jail.

The judge said papers that Love signed clearly indicated she could lose the money.

Love’s lawyer said she didn’t know when she paid 10% of a $1 million bond that Kelly would be charged federally and land in federal jail.

John Collins said Love now fears losing all the money as charges against Kelly stack up. But Flood read sections of papers Love signed warning the bond money could be used for Kelly’s legal fees and that she may never see it again.

Kelly remains in jail waiting for trial. Three new cases have been brought against Kelly since July: a federal case in Chicago, one in New York and another in Minnesota.

Kelly has denied any wrongdoing.

His next court date is Dec. 4, but the judge waived his appearance for that hearing.