Watch as ‘ice volcano’ forms in Green Bay, Wisconsin

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You’ve heard of hot volcanoes, full of lava, that have staked their claim in lands like Hawaii, Iceland, and right here in the continental U.S., in places such as Washington State.

But an “ice volcano”? In the Midwest?

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources posted a video of this different kind of “volcano,” in Green Bay.

“These are called ice volcanoes. A shell of ice forms and a weak spot is exploited by the wave action, creating a hole. Then, a volcano-like structure forms around the hole from the water being sprayed from the top,” the department’s Facebook post explains.

The Weather Channel reported last month these oddities have been popping up along the Great Lakes, but they require a “unique” set of conditions.

“Ground-level temperatures should be slightly below freezing and the waves need to be several feet high” for them to occur, it reported.

Watch as this frigid rendition of one of nature’s most recognizable forms does its thing.



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