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WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Congress has reached a deal to temporarily fund the government, avoiding a government shutdown with hours to spare.

Lawmakers prevented a shutdown by passing a stopgap measure that funds the government through December.

“We in Congress have a responsibility to the American people to keep the lights on,” said Jim McGovern (D-Mass.). “In addition to preventing the furlough of thousands of federal employees, averting a shutdown will also ensure that our constituents can continue to receive the vital government services that they need.”

The spending bill also includes $20 million to help with the water crisis in Mississippi, as well as funding for other problems, such as “emergency aid to help communities across the country hammered by natural disasters,” said Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

The bill passed in the Senate Thursday and the House Friday, despite Republican opposition.

“It’s deeply unfortunate that we’ve once again waited until the last minute to fund the government with no time left for negotiations,” said Tom Cole (R-Okla.)

“This democratic majority is kicking the can down the road until after the elections in November,” added Ben Cline (R-Va.)

The short-term resolution does not include funding for measures to continue fighting the pandemic.