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CHICAGO — With Michael Jordan’s statue looking on, volunteers leapt at the chance to support veterans by jumping rope thousands of times Sunday.

During the “Jump for Vets” charity event, around 70 people pushed themselves to do 2,200 jumps, or the equivalent of 100 jumps for every veteran that takes their own life each year. Sponsored by Rags of Honor, the charity event aims to raise around $15,000 to provide medical care for soldiers battling PTSD.

Mark Doyle began Rags of Honor five years ago to mobilize support for veterans in need of resources and jobs.

“If we can get the younger generation… to understand the sacrifice that people are making everyday, we need that in the next generation,” Doyle said.

The money raised will also go towards helping veterans to undergo a nerve block procedure called a stellate ganglion block, also known as the “God Shot,” which eases PTSD symptoms, and could ultimately curb the veteran suicide rate.

“We’ve used it on three or four of the people who work for me at Rags of Honor. This doctor, Eugene Lipov, has done it on over 400 vets around the country,” Doyle said.

With each jump, these volunteers are one step closer towards their goal of supporting those who’ve served.