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CHICAGO— A video going viral on Twitter shows a large group of people storming the fence at Lollapalooza and jumping over it Friday afternoon.

Tweeted by Jeremy Cohen, the video shows dozens of people hopping and climbing over the fence at Michigan and Balbo, even knocking down part of it. An officer is seen on video stopping one person with a prosthetic leg.

Officers confirmed 50 people tried to breach the fence, but police and festival security said none of these people were able to get in.

There were reports that this group of people may have organized their plan to hop the fence on social media. Police scanner communication indicated that it was a coordinated effort.

Police said they will be beefing up their resources along the perimeter of the festival and adding more bike teams.

Several workers secured the fencing near Gate 3 after the incident. Gate crashers have long been a problem for Lollapalooza, despite heightened security.

On Thursday, OEMC officials said there was one citation for fence jumping.

Ten people were arrested, mostly for drug-related incidents, and there were 21 emergency transports.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot promised a “robust security plan,” Monday for the music festival. This came after the shooting at a food festival in California where more than a dozen people were shot just one day before.

In addition to the fencing around the park, 330 security cameras were put in place, 900 private security guards were on the ground, plus a vast number undercover and uniformed cops patrolling the park and surrounding neighborhoods were used this year.

The video amassed 68,000 views in less than an hour.