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CHICAGO — Since November, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s motorcade has gotten five red light tickets for blowing through lights in the City of Chicago.

The cameras were put in place to supposedly keep people safe, something the mayor reiterated at the City Club Wednesday morning.

“First and foremost, red lights are there for public safety,” Emanuel said.

But in a video, it looks like his two car motorcade is doing anything but following the rules of public safety. In one case, an SUV runs the light while a man in a wheelchair waits to cross. Earlier this month they did it again. Then again five days later. Even though he had the right of way, a senior citizen hesitates to cross as the motorcade once again blows through the traffic light.

The mayor gave this explanation as to his driver’s behavior: “Since there’s a tail car, there are some instances where they need to get through a light because they can’t get separated from the first car.”

Emanuel says he’s not opposed to making changes to these controversial red light cameras, like reforming them to add a countdown time so drivers know how long before the light goes from green to amber to red.

When pressed on the issue Thursday, he barked. Even though he wasn’t behind the wheel, he said he’ll take care of the tickets.

“I said I was gonna pay it, that’s what it means when you’re not above the law. That couldn’t be clearer,” Emanuel said.