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An important public service message is going viral: A four-minute video short on YouTube about how distracted driving touches us all is getting a lot of attention, with nearly 3 million online views in a week’s time.

The video entitled “Close to Home” and produced as part of the next phase of AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign shows a variety of people involved in different activities of their daily lives being brought together by one devastating moment of distracted driving.

The public service campaign was recently extended beyond just concerns about texting-and-driving. Recent research indicated the problem is much worse than that, with 7 out of 10 drivers admitting to either Tweeting, Facebooking, snapping selfies, surfing the web or reading email on their smart phones while driving.

This video was cut down into three 30-second commercials —  No Post is Worth a Life,  No Email is Worth a Life,  No Glance is Worth a Life — each showing a different scenario of how smart phone distractions can have potentially deadly consequences.

Those commercials are airing on nationwide television and are also on YouTube.