POSEN, Ill. — Video captured the moment a south suburban police detective saved the life of an infant who stopped breathing.

Detective Corporal Matthew Leveille with Posen Police is being hailed a hero for his quick-thinking efforts that helped revive 10-month-old Nathan Jimenez. After the baby fell off a bed at home, the family jumped in the car to take the little boy to the hospital. It was at the intersection of 147th and Harrison Avenue in Posen that the infant stopped breathing and his family called 911 for help. 

“A call came out for an unconscious 10-month-old,” Leveille said.

Posen Police Detective Corporal Matthew Leveille (Photo/WGN)

Leveille and the Posen police chief happened to be a block away when that call came Monday afternoon. Arriving at the scene, the officers encountered the boy’s mother and grandmother in hysterics.

“They saw us coming with our lights and sirens and ended up flagging us down,” Leveille said.

Video shows Detective Leveille quickly grabbing the baby from the car and performing CPR.

“He was not breathing. He was pretty almost lifeless,” Leveille said.

Within seconds, it was clear the baby would be OK.

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“Probably took 15 to 30 seconds for him to start breathing and becoming more responsive and then when he started crying, we knew he was going to be in good shape,” Leveille said.

Moments late, paramedics arrived and took over. According to Posen paramedic Cesar Garcia, Detective Leveille’s quick action saved little Nathan’s life. 

“If Detective Leveille wasn’t there, I think the outcome would have been a little different. I mean, seconds count at that point,” Garcia said. “So that minute and a half of response time that we had, that’s a minute and a half of the baby not circulating oxygen to the brain and that’s a big deal.”

Posen Mayor Frank Podbielniak says the Jimenez family expressed their desire to learn CPR following the incident. The city says it will take action to ensure residents have the opportunity to learn the life-saving skill.

“We are going to educate and we’re going to offer CPR classes over the next couple of months,” Podbielniak said.

The family did not wish to speak on camera but shared a letter they wrote thanking Leveille for his heroics. Loved ones add that baby Nathan is now home and doing just fine. 

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As for Detective Leveille, he says he’s just grateful he was in the right place at the right time.

“Definitely one of the most rewarding aspects of my job thus far in my career,” Leveille said.

The city of Posen will honor Detective Leveille next week for his life-saving actions.