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CHICAGO — The family of the woman who was struck and killed by a CTA Red Line train last week is asking why no one helped the woman before the train hit.

Officials said Felon Smith, 37, was waiting on the 69th Street platform last Thursday when she dropped her phone on the tracks and tried to retrieve it. She was still on the tracks when she was struck and killed by a northbound train.

Smith’s sister, Brandy Martin, admits the decision to jump on the tracks for the phone was not a good one. However, after viewing security video, Martin said she was sickened to see that no one tried to help Smith.

“Didn’t no one have no love on that platform?” Martin said. “There was no love on that platform for human life period.”

It is unclear how the video was leaked. In it, Smith is seen looking down at the tracks after dropping her phone. She appears to have talked to a passenger in a red shirt, then jumped down.

Another passenger in a white shirt carrying a red bag pointed down the platform where a security guard and dog are standing.

The video shows Smith starting to move quickly toward the train. Martin said there was a ladder there she was trying to reach but didn’t make it in time.

“My sister cried out for help,” Matin said. “No matter what her choice was, she cried out for help and he walked right past her so nonchalantly. (He was) turned off from life a human life. He never reached her hand.”

The guard works for a company CTA contracts called AGB Investigative Services who had no comment on the incident.

CTA said it is investigating to determine how the video was leaked.

Smith was a mother of three, an author and insurance agent, her family said.