Victim fights back, steals shotgun from robber

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A robbery victim was staring down the barrel of a shotgun, when he decided to fight back.

A surveillance camera captured the robbery in New Orleans over the weekend.

The victim was looking down on his phone, while walking down the street, when he was approached by behind.

A gunman cocked a shotgun and pointed it at the man’s face.

He took the man’s phone away, but then the victim snatched the shotgun.

“After he took the shotgun away, he chased the guy down the street,” said resident Joe Bonda.  “The guy ran right by his car, He didn’t even stop to get in his car and drive away. He chased him down the street and there was another guy in the car that jumped in the driver’s seat and drove off.”

The robber got away, but other cameras in the area captured him in a car circling the area.

Police say the suspect pulled up to the victim and offered to trade the phone for the shotgun.

But the victim turned him down and used the gun to smash the rear windshield instead.

No arrests have been made.


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